Top 5 luxury trips to go on in Winter

Is there anything better than enjoying life? Going to the end of the world to meet new people, discover new places, new landscapes, new sensations … What a pleasure it is to travel, especially in luxury and comfort! If you too are wanting to travel during these times when the cold dominates, but do not know where to go, we suggest you to discover the top 5 luxury trips to travel to this winter.

Dubai : the Destination of all Superlatives

If you like excess, luxury and comfort, then you cannot go wrong with staying in Dubai. On site you can expect 5-star hotels, prestigious stores, luxurious restaurants and especially many places to visit. Among the must-see places, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall or the Mall of Emirates.

Cuba: a Baffling Destination

Since Cuba opened itself to the world, it has gradually become a popular destination for wealthy travellers. Among the places that await you, there is Havana with its Art Nouveau architecture and its American cars of the 50s. And if you are a cocktail lover, you will not regret staying in Cuba. You can find an almost infinite variety of rum and cocktails. Among the most popular is the Mojito, whose reputation has long since crossed the border of the country.

Australia: Summer in Winter

As the seasons in Australia are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere, traveling to Australia during the winter is the ideal time to discover the country. From December to February you can enjoy the exceptional temperatures of the country and enjoy the beaches, the nature and a wealth of wildlife. Kangaroo, Koala, Wallaby, Wombat and more can be discovered in the heart of the semi-arid or desert lands of the vast Outback region. Winter is also the best time to enjoy the many sports and nautical activities offered by the country such as scuba diving, surfing, but also the discovery of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Oman: a Journey in Gold and Red

While Dubai and the United Arab Emirates draw visitors with cityscapes and towering skyscrapers, Oman‘s beauty is decidedly more natural, with red and gold cliffs and green-tinged mountains, its sea with turquoise blue and its vast deserts. Located close to Saudi Arabia and northern Yemen, Oman is the ideal destination for a dreamy escape during the winter season. Whether you choose the picturesque gorges of Wadi Shab, the central dome of Sultan Qaboos’ Grand Mosque in Muscat, or prefer the beaches of Al-Mughsail, Oman has a thousand and one wonders to discover.

Zanzibar: the 5-Star Escape

The islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago have become a landmark destination for travelers seeking five-star comfort. A semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, Zanzibar is made up of many small islands, including Unguja and Pemba, in the heart of the Indian Ocean. There are few places as beautiful and luxurious as the Tanzanian archipelago in winter. Its location is ideal for snorkelling, sailing and scuba diving. The historic capital Stone Town is also a must-see in the country. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the richness of its culture. At every level, Zanzibar is a paradise to visit, with a warm climate, even in winter.

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