How to dress for a trip to South Africa?

How do you pack your suitcase to go to South Africa? The question is not so simple: South Africa is a country with a complex geography and a particularly diverse climate.

Your destination can vary drastically: beach lovers will be drawn to the Aliwal Shoal, while experienced hikers will face the 3,000-metre drop in the Drakensberg mountains.

Depending on your choice, your suitcase will of course be radically different! So, scuba gear, hiking boots, or maybe both?

Scuba diving: encounter with sharks

South Africa owes it to its privileged geographical location to be a true haven for sharks of all kinds.

But South African waters are not only home to sharks, far from it! Underwater life is abundant, and divers of all levels will be able to experience the thrill of diving. The perfect spot? The Aliwal Shoal, which has earned a well-deserved reputation as the perfect spot for scuba diving.

Indeed, the coasts are bathed both by currents coming from the Indian Ocean, rich in nutrients, and by the Mozambique Channel.

The waters of South Africa are therefore an ideal landmark for all thrill-seeking divers.

To dive in South Africa, you will embark on a boat that will take you a few miles from the coast. Plan to cover up lightly as the swell may be felt. A dive in the reefs will allow you to admire myriads of fish, but above all you will have the possibility to get strong sensations by diving next to sharks… while being, of course, perfectly supervised by experienced instructors who will allow you to live this moment in complete safety!

To be packed in your luggage? Swimsuits and sunscreen, simply…the diving equipment will be provided by your instructor.

Safari excursions: thrills on the program

Kruger National Park is a sanctuary for safaris. It is one of the largest animal reserves in South Africa. You are sure to be able to admire the famous “big five”: lions, black rhinoceros, leopards, elephants, buffaloes. There are more than 1,500 lions, 11,670 elephants, 9,000 giraffes…a profusion of animals in the park that transforms the reserve into a small paradise on earth.

In the immediate vicinity of Kruger is the Sabi Sands reserve, which is also exceptional. It shares a border with Kruger and the animals move freely from one reserve to the other. Smaller than Kruger, the Sabi Sands private reserve is also quieter and more confidential. The reserve has the reputation of sheltering, among others, magnificent leopards.

For safari excursions, a light and comfortable outfit is required: shorts and t-shirt will be perfect. Don’t forget to bring a hat, as the sun can be violent. Also bring tennis shoes and sunglasses. A slightly more sophisticated outfit (shirts for the men, light dresses for the ladies) may be required for the restaurant, but nothing is mandatory.

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