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K Travel is a Swiss travel agency, based near Geneva, providing exclusive bespoke travel planning for the seasoned traveller. We have over 10 years’ experience covering destinations such as Africa, the Americas, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, the Middle-East, and Oceania.

Our area of expertise ranges from luxury resorts and villas/chalets holiday bookings, private yacht and jet charters, to personalised journeys planning. We craft and plan unique itineraries, tailored to your interests and with a strong attention to detail. Our team of Travel Specialists are on hand from the moment we start planning your trip, passing by local expert on-site logistics, till your safe return home.

We provide you with invaluable advice based on in-depth local knowledge for each destination or experience of your choice. Our travel specialists understand that each traveller have different needs and preferences for their ideal luxury holiday, thus we endeavour to amend our sample journeys to tailor-make them for you to the last detail. Thanks to our strong relationships with our local partners, we make sure that you benefit from the best travel arrangements.

At K Travel, we are dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about what we do and love to share with you the incredible diversity the world has to offer: its breath-taking sceneries, its hidden gems, and its enriching cultures.

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