Why Opt for a Tailor-Made Trip?

Exploring the frozen Antarctic coast, heading on a safari in South Africa on the trail of the greatest big cats on the planet, sledging through Finnish Lapland…Going on a tailor-made trip can bring you experiences of an infinite diversity. Find out below the four reasons that should make you want to prefer a personalized travel package.

Original Destinations

By turning to an agency specializing in custom travel, the seasoned travellers can discover hidden corners of the world of unsuspected beauty and richness, well off the beaten path and rebutted by the great Mass tourism circuits! With a personalized trip, it is possible to rub shoulders with the magnificent sea turtles of the Galápagos Islands, to venture into remote areas of Papua New Guinea, to go on a camel trek through Oman and the United Arab Emirates or to discover the millennial culture of Bhutan, on the edge of the Himalayas.

Activities Designed For You and No One Else

Do you want to travel around Southeast Asia to marvel at the most beautiful architectural jewels of the Khmer or Thai culture? Or instead, do you prefer taking advantage of your trip to the end of the world to bask all day on the most unspoilt beaches of Mexico? No problem! Designing a bespoke itinerary means that you will be able to make your stay exactly the way you want it. No group visit imposed in a continual hubbub, no forced stopping in a particular shop or restaurant: you are completely free to create your schedule as you see fit.

Full Support on All Practical Aspects

Booking a personalized trip avoids the inconveniences of a group trip, but also those related to a solo organized trip. You can rely on your agency or your service provider to take care of all the technical and logistical details of the trip: booking flight tickets and hotel rooms or other accommodation on site, creating an itinerary based on your wishes and needs, organising a guide speaking the language of your choice, taking care of formalities of entry and stay … Whether you want to learn about Tamil culture in Sri Lanka or go on a safari in the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, a serene stay involves thinking about plenty little details. Entrust this task to a professional!

A Taste of Exclusivity and Authenticity

Tired of wading through hundreds of tourists of all nationalities to admire a painting in a museum or approach a famous monument? Think about a trip that is 100% personalized! Specialized agencies providing bespoke travel planning don’t only offer you the chance to discover isolated and unspoilt sites, but sometimes also offer you privileged conditions for visiting renowned places, such as a visit outside opening hours or other private events. Kenya, Morocco, Patagonia, Australia? Wherever your next destination is, it will be hard for you to give up customization after having tasted it for the first time.

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